Why Should You Find Your Inner Glow?

Her inner glow is giving her an edge every day!

You know, that inner glow? It is clearly visible on people, who are in love and are looking at each other. The glow is there also when the person in love is talking about the object of their love.

Wouldn´t it be great, if you were able to have that glow about you at all times? There is no question about it, that a person looks so much nicer when they have that glow about them. Their skin is looking healthier, their eyes are shining, like never before and their hair is also looking healthy. All in all, that inner glow gives you an extra edge in every situation in life, because people are naturally attracted to good and healthy looking people. That is why everyone spends so much time going to the gym and choosing their nutrition to make the best of their appearance.

Everyone I have talked to about colors and how they make magic, if we only use them right, wants to know which are the colors that make their inner glow shine. After all, it doesn´t cost anything. Colors are free. We buy all kinds of things, such as clothes, make-up, flowers, furniture and everything else that are already one color or another.

Your job is to choose colors anyway, so why not make the colors work for you as much as possible? There is a system and it is not difficult to learn it.

Colors have been at the center stage of my life ever since I read my first book on how colors work and especially after I went to my very first color training in London in 1985. From then on, I would go for further trainings throughout the years to learn more. As it turns out, we were just touching the surface in those days, and as the years went by, more information was exposed. It was such an exciting time to have been in the inner circle of discovering new things and to be able to use that information for the benefit of so many people worldwide.

It feels like the circle has gone through the whole cycle since 1985 and we are now looking at the same situation we did so many years ago. This time, however, we have more information and more tools to find what we are looking for, when we want to use colors to our benefit.

Everyone can use all colors to bring out their inner glow. The key is to use all the colors that have the same shade and intensity as their own coloring. It is that simple.

With certain colors, such as red, blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, etc. are perhaps easier to distinguish which red or blue you need to choose for yourself. Then again, we also have all the neutral colors and the light and deep colors of our own palette. Those need to be decided on as well.

Let´s take beige as an example. There are thousands of colors we call beige, but after looking at them more closely, we can notice the differences. A beige can be light, it can be warm, it can be cool, it can be soft. People with deep and clear coloring will also need a beige, so with this color, these people can choose a cool or warm beige that is light in color depending on the undertone of their skin and look beautiful. Those people would actually look best in a beige, when they combine it with a deeper color from their palette.

Another example is the pinks. We have a large variety of pinks and colors that are actually not pink but are called pink, such as shocking pink, which is a fuller color than the actual pinks. The salmon pinks and peach pinks are very different than the baby pinks because they have a yellow tone to them. When I show people the baby pink and the icy pink, often people cannot see a difference in them, before I show it on a person. Everyone can see a huge difference when the right and/or wrong colored person wears them. It takes a bit of practice to get all your colors “right” but it sure is worth the effort!

To get you started, you can have a look at my pages, where I talk about all this in more detail and actually there is a FREE Shopping Guide for you and you can download it for yourself HERE.

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