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Just the other day, I read an article in the paper about fast fashion and what it really means. The article defines fast fashion as low priced pieces of clothing, which are manufactured very quickly and cheaply, and are bought without a second thought, and are used for a short period of time, if at all.

According to the article in the Finnish magazine “Suomen Luonto” (The Finnish Nature), the average piece of clothing is kept in the cupboard about three years, and it is in active use, only two months.

New fashion trends used to come out four times a year, but today, new clothes are shipped to stores every day. It sounds like it is a good thing but if we stop to think about the bigger picture, I think that most people do not want to be involved in all the waste that this kind of thing is putting out into the world. Nor do we want to spend our hard earned money on something, we are going to throw out in a couple of months.

Who needs to have new clothes every day? Somehow, we have been led to believe that we all do, even though we don´t. Most people don´t have money to spend on new clothes every day. We are led to believe that most of us do, but I don´t think we do.

Actually, the Aalto university has made shocking studies on all this, and did you know that to manufacture just one cotton shirt, it takes about 2500 litres of water and to make one kilo of clothing, it takes three kilos of chemicals? After all that is done, about 70% of clothes are burned or taken to dumping grounds.

There has to be a better way and there is. I am a big fan of bringing back clothes, I used to wear years ago. I´m not quite in my same measurements, I used to be 30 years ago, but I do have lots of clothes, which I used years ago and can still wear.

The secret sauce to the whole puzzle, lies primarily in the color scheme. Ever since I learned about what color can do for a person, in good or in bad, I have never bought one piece of clothing that is not in harmony with my own colors. First, this was because I had to look the part I was playing, which was a professional in giving advice on color to people. We all know that if we don´t see it, we don´t believe it. My marketing plan was so simple at the time and it still works exactly, as it did in those days.

We all want to look our best, especially, when we are meeting people for the first time. For some reason, many of us think that we need to constantly wear something new and something we have never worn before. I don´t know where that idea has come from but it is certainly not true, in the same way that “black is a safe color and works for everyone”.

The cities and roads are black and gray with bright lights. Maybe that is why we think we need only to wear black, gray and white, even though there are so many other colors, we could be using to make a better impact as warm, caring and interesting human beings.

I honestly think that it is a time for change. This change would have so much impact, not only on one person looking good, but for many people in many ways. When we use our own best colors, less is more. Why spend all your money on things you don´t need and then, almost immediately, throw them out as garbage. There is too much garbage in the world as it is!

There is no need to buy something every day, nor is there a reason to throw out things, which could be serving you throughout the years. It is possible to look fashionable at the same time as looking healthy and beautiful. Actually, it is more fun to combine things in your wardrobe, that have never been combined before and looking great. There is a simple system for each person. That system you can start to use immediately, of you only want to. Learn more about the six dominant color characteristics and see which colors enhance your very own personal colors.

Have a look at my short video, where I demonstrate how colors work.

You can also get your FREE Smart Shopping Guide from my pages to get started. This way you can help our planet while making the best of what you were given. It is easy to start learning. You can start building yourself a wardrobe that you will be happy with long term, at the same time, as you know that you are making a difference in the world. I do hope you will take this step immediately, because it can actually turn your life around over night! So many people are finally realizing that something must be done, and it all starts with one person.




Author of Color Your Life and BU Discover Your Vibe — Transform Your Life.

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Raija Lydecken

Raija Lydecken

Author of Color Your Life and BU Discover Your Vibe — Transform Your Life.

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