Everyone needs all colors

Colors talk to you if you just listen. They have such power, we can´t even imagine. We need harmony to feel well. After working with colors and people for so many years, I can say that there is a distinct difference in the wellbeing of those people, who pay attention to what their own personal coloring is trying to tell them.

That is why we should start focusing more on the color of the environment we are in, on the color of clothes we wear, the color of make-up we put on and whether we dye our hair or not. People seem to take colors for granted because we see color all over the place without giving it a second thought. We are so used to having colors all around us that we don´t realize that they have a “mind of their own” and have an effect on us on many levels.

I feel that the world is such a noisy place at the moment and we would do ourselves a favor by choosing colors that enhance our own coloring rather than using colors dictated by others. When we surround ourselves with colors that enhance our own special colors, we feel more comfortable. They give us a better sense of belonging. Colors are vibrations and when vibrations vibrate in harmony, it projects harmony. This really is needed today,more than ever. When we are using colors that don´t agree with our own personal coloring, it seems to add stress and uneasiness to our bodies.

There are many people, who work with colors every day without giving it a second thought. I´m sure that often when working with colors, we want to try color combinations that are new, without thinking of what the end result projects as vibrations. The only thing is, that at this day and age we are getting an overload of wrong colors associated with each other and that can set off many unfortunate feelings in people, even though the opposite was the goal.

It probably sounds peculiar, but colors can be compared to a language. If people were more sensitive to colors in the same way that they are sensitive to sounds, the world would be better in many ways. When our colors are in sync with our own personal coloring, we attract others like a magnet. People stop to watch you to find out what has happened to you, because you are looking so well. It will bring more smiles.

The world still spins like it has always been spinning. We have spring with sunshine after a long winter, which is followed by summer sunshine giving us a softer atmosphere than bright spring. After summer, comes autumn with all the rustic colors and after that we get winter. Colors are quite strong in winter with the bright snow and ice.

If we had autumn colors in the spring, we would feel rather disappointed, because those colors don´t belong in nature in the spring. Also, if snow falls in the summer, most people are not happy. We all know this and there is no need to disagree with Mother Nature on the colors she gives us throughout the year.

Many years ago when I learned and was working in the fashion business, colors played an important part, like it does today and always will. We started out with only four color categories and after that we had 12 categories, because each of the four categories had all the colors of the rainbow in four different ranges of shades and intensities.

Two categories had all the colors with a warm undertone and these two categories were divided into light or deep colors and additionally into soft or clear colors. Then we had two categories with all their colors either light or deep as well as soft or clear. We could also say that we had two deep categories that were divided into soft or clear and warm or cool and so on. All in all, there are six different color characteristics and to pinpoint the best colors for someone, it is most important to determine which one of these characteristics is the dominant characteristic for the person in question.

Sometimes it is easy to see which one is the most dominant and sometimes it takes a bit of work to get it right. Sometimes you will need to focus on two characteristics, sometimes not. It really depends on whether you want to find your very best colors, not just your second best ones.

To give you a better idea of how to categorize colors to suit you the best, have a look at my pages HERE and get your own FREE Shopping Guide (at the top on my pages). In it I have focused on warm colors, since right now it is that time of the year, when we can see all the beautiful warm colors in the nature. You can apply the information you find there, to any of the dominant color characteristics. I hope you will enjoy it!

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