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Emotions play a big part in our lives every day. Colors and emotions are vibrations, just like music, and even though we are not expressing our feelings, we are constantly sending out vibrations by our behavior without saying a word. You may think it is easy to hide your emotions from others but the vibes you are sending out can give you away. It is easy to go through life pushing your emotions aside and just go about your life like a robot. Many people do and think nothing of it. …

Would this picture have the same feeling if everything was blue?

The number of videos people are making today will be increasing faster and faster when more and more people are learning how to do them. There are so many topics and so many groups and so many everything that it can make your head spin when you are starting out and wondering how your videos have a chance to stand out among all the videos already there. The competition is huge and growing, and the only way to be heard, is to jump right in and start making them.

Decades ago, when I was in the beauty and image business…

Colors in harmony

Everything is vibration and if I told you that you have a million dollar vibration, would you believe me?

Probably not, but let me tell you how you can also access the million dollar vibration club together with all the beautiful people in this world, of who some are millionaires and some not. Sounds a bit strange, don´t you think? If you can let go of the thought for a few minutes and continue reading, I can explain.

Before I can open this subject further, I must talk a little about the past and how my life has taken so…


Mother Earth drawn by 12 year old Lydia

Everything is connected. There is nothing new in the world. What is new, is the way we combine things that have never been combined before. This way we can reach new solutions.

When I first studied the world of colors, I noticed that the system developed according to the same structure as astrology. To understand colors and how they work has a lot to do with the way astrology works. …

We can all shop smart and reduce our carbon foot print.

Everybody wants to shop smart. Many of us, also want to reduce their carbon foot print. So, why do we have so much garbage to throw out? It is money, we are throwing out. Nobody wants to throw money away. So, why are we doing it anyway?

It must be due to a lack of information.

We can shop smart, if we are willing to focus for a moment and think why we are shopping in the first place.

Everybody shops, so let´s start there and think of how many times a year you buy new clothes. It is starting…

My adult life has been about business and marketing and bringing businesses from the English speaking world to Finland. I am bilingual and spoke English to my daughter ever since she was born and when she also had a daughter, I spoke English to her as well. I remember that when speaking English to my daughter in public places in Finland 40 years ago, I had to whisper, because in those days it was frowned upon that another language was spoken to children. It was commonly thought that if you spoke more than one language to a child, they would…

It´s all about shade and intensity (photo: Mikko Koivisto)

For as long as I can remember, women have been expected to wear new clothes every time they make an appearance in just about anywhere, while at the same time, men have been accepted in the same old suit over and over again. Why do women put up with it? Are we brain washed, is it low self-esteem or do we really want to have so many clothes and spend so much money on clothes we hardly ever wear?

Having thought about this, I think that it is time for a change. Not only because it is unfair that women…

Less is more

There is something you and I can do to help save the planet

I like to listen to the TED talks, because each talk has been given much thought to and is delivered in a short time in such a way that it is easy to understand. If a 16 year old girl has this much integrity and is doing such good things, we really should be joining her in her battle.

Here below is the link:

The disarming case to act right now on climate change

by Gretha Thunberg, Stockholm

“What can I do?” is what you are probably…

It All Starts with You and Me — Less is More

You can see better, which colors resonate with your own colors, when you compare them with your own colors

The other day, I read in the paper that the carbon footprint of the clothing industry is slightly bigger than the global air and sea travel put together. I was really shocked!

Also, it seems to be common knowledge that as much as 70% of clothes end up being burned or put in dumpsters!

If all this does not shock you, I don´t know what will. I, together with very many other people, am very worried about the state of our beautiful planet, with all the plastic in the seas as well as all the garbage around us, also in the form of clothes.

When I think back to the days 30 years ago, people were very much interested in looking…

Raija Lydecken

Author of Color Your Life. I´m on a mission to help you find your best colors through harmony.,

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